mountains of world

Summit Elevation m Continent Range Country
Kilimanjaro (Kibo Summit) 5,895 (19,341 ft) Africa Kilimanjaro Tanzania
Vinson Massif 4,897 (16,500 ft) Antarctica Ellsworth Mountains n/a (claimed by Chile)
Carstenz Pyramid (Puncak Jaya) 5,040 (16,024 ft) [1] Oceania The Sudirman Range Indonesia
Everest 8,848 (29,035 ft) Asia Himalaya Nepal, China (Tibet)
Elbrus 5,642 (18,510ft) Europe Caucasus Russian Federation
Mount McKinley (Denali) 6,194 (20,320 ft) North America Alaska Range United States
Aconcagua 6,962 (22,841 ft) South America Andes Argentina

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